Dan W. Peters

A prime avocation within our family has been buying and selling real estate since the 1960’s, and one primary pitfall associated with that goal bas been finding a competent realior who could comprehend our vision for property selection and intent of investment with a defined exit strategy. Within that 50+ year timeframe the properties acquired grew in size from modesi asking prices to high end rental investment properties of sprawling proportions. On numerous occasions we’d experience conflict with the realtor of record working on our behalf to finalize the transaction, and this would cause frustration with conflict beyond comprehension. These many issues were shared with a person whom we had great respect, and knew answers would be forthcoming for total resolution of all issues, ad infinitum.

Our family attorney, a cornerstone of all family business activities, shared bow be could recommend only one person in these difficult financial times to sell a unique property when no other realtor could effectively find motivated buyers willing to invest. He advised the realtor in question had effectively sold numerous properties from his portfolio in distressed market conditions for the prevailing price, and often with prices higher than anticipated. We couldn’t imagine how a person of this stature existed in the world of real estate, but when he revealed the name, knew the counsel rendered would resolve the problem of selling a high-end residential home in the heights of Alta Lorna. His emphatic pronouncement was clear, “Gina Moga!”

When my family met Gina, she was more than legal counsel had advised. Her thorough knowledge of real estate was vast, and within minutes was able to assess how we needed to market the listing for effective exposure to the community for the defined period. Combined with a depth of market perception and timing of a tactical approach to sell the property, her delightful personality and wit. placed us at ease knowing we did not have to shoulder the stress involved with frenzied negotiations. She was in fact everything our attorney had advised, and more.

In 2008, as the listed primary property was about to expire, we reviewed numerous prospective offers that had continually bombarded us, but always $150,000-$250,000 below market price. Gina’s depth of market knowledge advised being patient, and she never waxed negative with the vision of selling for Jess than an effective fair market value. Her words rang true to form, because within 30 days the promise became reality.

Early one Saturday morning she called to inform of a high figure offer in her possession, $250,00 more than previous offers, and wanted to know if this was acceptable. Needless to say, our goal had been achieved, and one might think this was the end of the real estate trail to success, but it was only the beginning.

Within the timeframe of 12 months and our association with Gina, we gained a friend, confidant, ally in a mutual cause, and a trusted professional who grasped our vision while working effectively in!hat direction toward resolution on all issues. Coupled with her professional expertise we were able to observe a person of stellar character with unquestionable morals, values, and standards not often found in today’s society. Her sense of family, church, and community reflected the foundation blocks exhibited on a daily basis and mutually the person we came to know and respect. To associate with a person of this stature is rare, but once you’ve worked with her the knowledge of that experience is comparable to finding a rare jewel and appreciating every moment of that association.

Finally, our real estate strategies were enhanced exponentially by Gina, especially her vision and maxim of life, “Do what is right, and let the consequence follow.” Therefore, it is without reservation that we recommend and trust her with any unresolved real estate transaction into the year 2009 and beyond as a trusted mentor.