John P. Lambright & Gertrud E. Markgren

It is with great pleasure that we can recommend Gina Moga as a very competent and hard-working real estate agent who will serve any prospective buyer or seller in the most professional manner possible.

Initially, a very trusting estate attorney, who had just finished completing some legal matters relating to my mother’s estate, had referred us to Gina. It had become necessary for my mother to leave her home for a facility where she could receive 24-hour care, seven days of the week. We indicated to the attorney that we needed a real estate company that could sell my mother’s house. The attorney said he knew of a person who was very good with realty, especially in situations similar to ours where the owner was no longer able to live on their own. In fact, this person had represented the attorney in the selling of his home. The person we are referring to was Gina Moga.

We met Gina at my mother’s home in Glendora. In our first meeting, we were very impressed with Gina’s presentation, which reflected well thought out preparation and planning. She raised a number of points and questions that we had not really thought about in relation to selling my mother’s
Home. You see, we live in San Francisco and did not really have any real understanding of the realty market where my mother lived. My mother’s house was in a state of gradual decline and needed some repair as well as updating. At that time, we were undecided as to how far we wanted to go with
Regard to investing in remodeling and updating. Gina presented us with a plan whereby she suggested some repair and updating in order to make the home presentable for sale, and at a price worthy of its geographic market location. Gina had a number of contractors available to her specializing in every aspect of home construction, maintenance and repair. Gina was also valuable in recommending and suggesting, specifically, what and where we should make those improvements. She made some excellent suggestions regarding choice of paint color, carpeting, door replacement and many other homes finishing’s in order to improve the appearance of the home that was being prepared for market. Her contractor contacts were very professional, efficient and hardworking. The wonderful thing about this whole process was that Gina was very judicious with the spending that was required. In the end, we were very delighted with the completion of the home, its appearance and what it cost to update the home. With Gina, we did not have to worry about going through the Yellow Pages in order to find the various contractors that would be required to get the home in order. Gina comes to the arena with a complete source of qualified specialists. That is important if the seller is coming from some place outside of the general sales locale. She has a real good sense for anticipating the next challenge through the sales process.

Once the work was completed on the home, it went on the market for sale. It was not an easy exercise. Unfortunately, it was a horrible time to sell a home and it took every imaginative and creative element available to sell the home. Sure, one can lower the price in order to do so. However, can you imagine how unsettling that is to the seller? Gina offered a number of alternative solutions to sell the home short of lowering the price. During the whole sales process, we felt we
Were in charge. Gina was not forceful but was there to make suggestions, lend support and advise us in the best possible manner. We can’t remember one time where we had difficulty communicating with Gina. Gina was always there to keep us updated, and constantly inquired as to how we were feeling and how we saw situations progressing in the sales of the home. We can’t underscore the importance of communication enough between agent and client. Gina was excellent in this area.

There were a few complexities to the sale of my mother’s home but Gina saw to it that they were taken care of in a satisfactory and timely fashion. At no time did we feel uneasy or uncomfortable with Gina’s knowledge of real estate law. At every step of the way, we felt very confident with Gina’s knowledge and recommended course of action as, from time to time and in one degree or another, it touched on real estate law. You cannot imagine how important this is to the prospective buyer or seller.

Without question, we would use Gina’s services again. Although Gina represented us in a selling capacity, we would not hesitate to use her in a buying capacity, as well. In considering Gina as your agent, think about trust, dedication and professionalism. We know that she will serve you well.