Maureen Muratore

As an attorney, I frequently find myself in situations where my clients need to sell real property, FAST! Whether it is a pending foreclosure sale, a contentious dissolution action, a probate estate that requires liquidity to pay a family allowance, or a conservatorship that must have cash to provide for a conservatee’s living expenses, I need a realtor who will aggressively market the property, obtain a good price and sell it quickly.

The realtor who has consistently met my clients’ needs is Gina Moga of Ward and Ward Realtors in Upland, California. On more than one occasion, Ms. Moga has entered a situation where emotions were running high and time was of the essence, yet she was able to effectively work with all of the parties, obtain a buyer and close a difficult sale.

I highly recommend Ms. Moga to you as one of the ancillary professionals I utilize on a regular basis and whose business card I keep close at hand in my card file. You will appreciate her knowledge and expertise in the area of real property sales, along with her aggressive sales approach and her ability to obtain a good price for your clients.

Should you have any questions about Ms. Moga, I would be happy to talk in greater depth with you. You can contact me at (909) 635-4440.