Richard and Donna Bristol

This letter is a bit late in coming, but it seems that there are an endless number of issues to address when one purchases and moves into a new home such as we did last May. Having finally caught up with most of those items and finding ourselves at last settled in, we are now enjoying a little extra time to sit down and write. So in keeping with our philosophy that late is better than never, we would like to bring your attention to an extraordinary agent on your staff, Gina Moga.

This is our second real estate transaction we have conducted with Gina’s help, and we would never consider using anyone else. When we purchased our previous home eleven years ago, we had such a wonderful experience working with Gina (who at the time worked at another agency) that we sought her out again when it was time to move up. To our delight, she has only gotten better at her job, as this time around she absolutely exceeded even our high expectations!

With her help and thoughtful advice we made a few small improvements to our home prior to listing. Due in part to her suggestions, we received several quick offers with one well over our asking price. We were thrilled! Gina guided us thought the sale painlessly. Now it was time to find our new home. We had a pretty tall order in what we were looking for in our new home, and we’re sure there were times when she probably thought we were crazy, but she never gave up on us.
After she had shown us more than a few different homes, we finally discovered the perfect house-­ but it was for sale ‘by owner’. We loved the home, but were nervous about buying from a private party. Again Gina made us feel at ease and comfortable while pointing out several ‘pit falls’ that, without her expertise, we never would have known about until it was too late. The purchase went smoothly even though there were one or two times when we didn’t quite have all of our own ‘ducks in a row’ and she had to rescue us. Thanks again Gina!

The best thing about working with Gina is that she knows how to make people feel at ease when things start to look crazy. With her professional manner and exemplary communication skills, she manages to make even the most confusing things clear and understandable. We consider her our agent for life as well as a friend who we can always count on. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is interested on buying or selling a home. We have told all of our friends the same. Please feel free to use us as a reference in regard to Gina or any of your services there at Ward and Ward. You are extremely fortunate to have her on your staff; you should consider her a valuable asset to your company.