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  • I am writing this letter in appreciation of and to recommend Gina Moga, Realtor. Gina was recommended to me by a lawyer I was working with and I can see why she had so much confidence in her. At the time, I was going through a very difficult period in transitioning my 97 year old mother into an assisted living facility, cleaning out her house, and taking care of all of her business affairs. I knew the house needed repairs before placing it on the market. In working with Gina you are working with a whole team and I needed that since I lived in another state. Her greatest attributes are:
    • Resources – Gina knows just the right person or company to get the job done.
    • Follow-through – She always follows up and follows through on what she says.
    • Communications – She is clear in her communication on what needs to be done. She lays out options and lets you make the decisions.
    • Knowledge – Gina has been a realtor for many, many years and with that experience comes knowledge. She is very good at foreseeing certain situations that might impede a smooth transaction.
    • Compassion – Gina knew I was going through a difficult time with my mother’s transition to assisted living and always let me know not to worry about the real estate transaction. I knew she would take care of things on my behalf.
    • Professionalism – Gina is the epitome of the word “professionalism.”
    I highly recommend Gina Moga as a real estate professional and welcome any questions you might have regarding her.
    Thank you for allowing me to write this recommendation.

    Norma Ribich
  • As an attorney, I frequently find myself in situations where my clients need to sell real property, FAST! Whether it is a pending foreclosure sale, a contentious dissolution action, a probate estate that requires liquidity to pay a family allowance, or a conservatorship that must have cash to provide for a conservatee’s living expenses, I need a realtor who will aggressively market the property, obtain a good price and sell it quickly. The realtor who has consistently met my clients’ needs is Gina Moga of Ward and Ward Realtors in Upland, California. On more than one occasion, Ms. Moga has entered a situation where emotions were running high and time was of the essence, yet she was able to effectively work with all of the parties, obtain a buyer and close a difficult sale. I highly recommend Ms. Moga to you as one of the ancillary professionals I utilize on a regular basis and whose business card I keep close at hand in my card file. You will appreciate her knowledge and expertise in the area of real property sales, along with her aggressive sales approach and her ability to obtain a good price for your clients. Should you have any questions about Ms. Moga, I would be happy to talk in greater depth with you. You can contact me at (909) 635-4440.

    Maureen Muratore
  • Please accept this letter as our personal recommendation of the professional services of Gina M. Moga of Ward & Ward Realtors in Upland, California. Our office specializes in estate planning, probate and related matters. We are often asked by our clients to recommend a realtor, and we have referred many clients to Ms. Moga over the past few years. We have always received positive feedback from those clients, and we will continue to recommend Ms. Moga in the future. She conducts herself in a cheerful and professional manner. We have yet to hear a negative comment from anyone who has dealt with her. You may feel free to contact either of us if you de9ire additional information in this regard.

    Vinnedge, Gafney & Gladson, Inc.
  • Gina Moga joined Ward & Ward, Realtors in 1995. I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing her professionally for eight years. Gina’s positive attitude, ethics and attention to detail are only a few of her well-respected attributes that encouraged me to pursue her to join our firm. I knew instantly that she would soon earn her position as one of the top agents in our company, and in the Real Estate industry today. Gina recently was awarded “The Circle of Excellence” designation for her production level, and status amongst the top “two percent” of agents nationwide. The prestigious award recognizes a high level of success in building and maintaining client relationships through excellence in all aspects of client service. They are given to the Real Estate professional whose integrity, knowledge and commitment to the practice of Real Estate are exemplary and consistently embody true quality. Personally and professionally, she has always given her clients her absolute best without compromise. It is a true pleasure and honor to have her as part of our team.

    Carol Ward
  • My name is Juanita Slater and my property was listed with your agency. Gina Moga was my listing agent. My property closed escrow on October llth and I must apologize for not writing to you sooner. I have been so busy unpacking and getting things in order. The reason for this letter is to tell you about your Realtor Gina Moga. I have been in contact with several realtors (this is my forth home purchase), so I feel I am a pretty good judge of character. Mrs. Moga was the most professional and knowledgeable realtor I had ever come in contact with. On her first meeting with me, she answered every question I had and gave me so much information that I was truly amazed. I sincerely feel that she should be a trainer for realtors. Her professionalism stood above any other Realtor I have ever encountered. My listing went through a few rough times through no fault ofMrs. Moga. I let myself be swayed by other sources (the buyers). Each time this happened, Gina, gently Reminded me that she was here to protect me and that I could call her at any time if I had any concerns. When I became unraveled, she was there to pull me together. She made me laugh when I wanted to cry and made me hang in there when I wanted to give up. One thing is for certain; if I know of anyone that may need a realtor I will not hesitate to recommend Gina. I hope you realize what an asset she is to your office. If you have any questions, please feel: free to contact me at 909 307 2202.

    Juanita F. Slater
  • Thank you so much for the flowers and the gift certificate to Tutti Mangia. We really appreciate all you did for us and in such a pleasant manner. Within a very short time we purchased 3 properties and, of course, had a lot of contact with several realtors. Without a doubt our experience with you was by far the best. We particularly want to thank you for your efforts to find us a house as well as to try hard tor a second one. We are very pleased that you were able to help us unwind the deal at Independence and to purchase the house on Santo Pl. It is clearly the better choice. We have had it painted and Brian has installed new blinds throughout. We believe it looks much better than when we bought it. Hopefully you can have a look for yourself. We will be pleased to show it to you. We have gotten numerous calls from “For Lease” signs in the windows and people are impressed. One woman is especially excited about the house and assuming her credit etc is o.k. we will likely lease it to her. She didn’t flinch at $1850 including a gardener. Stay tuned. Thanks again for everything and we will be sure to refer you to anyone needing a realtor.

    Bruce and Marilyn Lance
  • This letter is a bit late in coming, but it seems that there are an endless number of issues to address when one purchases and moves into a new home such as we did last May. Having finally caught up with most of those items and finding ourselves at last settled in, we are now enjoying a little extra time to sit down and write. So in keeping with our philosophy that late is better than never, we would like to bring your attention to an extraordinary agent on your staff, Gina Moga. This is our second real estate transaction we have conducted with Gina’s help, and we would never consider using anyone else. When we purchased our previous home eleven years ago, we had such a wonderful experience working with Gina (who at the time worked at another agency) that we sought her out again when it was time to move up. To our delight, she has only gotten better at her job, as this time around she absolutely exceeded even our high expectations! With her help and thoughtful advice we made a few small improvements to our home prior to listing. Due in part to her suggestions, we received several quick offers with one well over our asking price. We were thrilled! Gina guided us thought the sale painlessly. Now it was time to find our new home. We had a pretty tall order in what we were looking for in our new home, and we’re sure there were times when she probably thought we were crazy, but she never gave up on us. After she had shown us more than a few different homes, we finally discovered the perfect house-­ but it was for sale ‘by owner’. We loved the home, but were nervous about buying from a private party. Again Gina made us feel at ease and comfortable while pointing out several ‘pit falls’ that, without her expertise, we never would have known about until it was too late. The purchase went smoothly even though there were one or two times when we didn’t quite have all of our own ‘ducks in a row’ and she had to rescue us. Thanks again Gina! The best thing about working with Gina is that she knows how to make people feel at ease when things start to look crazy. With her professional manner and exemplary communication skills, she manages to make even the most confusing things clear and understandable. We consider her our agent for life as well as a friend who we can always count on. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is interested on buying or selling a home. We have told all of our friends the same. Please feel free to use us as a reference in regard to Gina or any of your services there at Ward and Ward. You are extremely fortunate to have her on your staff; you should consider her a valuable asset to your company.

    Richard and Donna Bristol
  • It is with great pleasure that we can recommend Gina Moga as a very competent and hard-working real estate agent who will serve any prospective buyer or seller in the most professional manner possible. Initially, a very trusting estate attorney, who had just finished completing some legal matters relating to my mother’s estate, had referred us to Gina. It had become necessary for my mother to leave her home for a facility where she could receive 24-hour care, seven days of the week. We indicated to the attorney that we needed a real estate company that could sell my mother’s house. The attorney said he knew of a person who was very good with realty, especially in situations similar to ours where the owner was no longer able to live on their own. In fact, this person had represented the attorney in the selling of his home. The person we are referring to was Gina Moga. We met Gina at my mother’s home in Glendora. In our first meeting, we were very impressed with Gina’s presentation, which reflected well thought out preparation and planning. She raised a number of points and questions that we had not really thought about in relation to selling my mother’s Home. You see, we live in San Francisco and did not really have any real understanding of the realty market where my mother lived. My mother’s house was in a state of gradual decline and needed some repair as well as updating. At that time, we were undecided as to how far we wanted to go with Regard to investing in remodeling and updating. Gina presented us with a plan whereby she suggested some repair and updating in order to make the home presentable for sale, and at a price worthy of its geographic market location. Gina had a number of contractors available to her specializing in every aspect of home construction, maintenance and repair. Gina was also valuable in recommending and suggesting, specifically, what and where we should make those improvements. She made some excellent suggestions regarding choice of paint color, carpeting, door replacement and many other homes finishing’s in order to improve the appearance of the home that was being prepared for market. Her contractor contacts were very professional, efficient and hardworking. The wonderful thing about this whole process was that Gina was very judicious with the spending that was required. In the end, we were very delighted with the completion of the home, its appearance and what it cost to update the home. With Gina, we did not have to worry about going through the Yellow Pages in order to find the various contractors that would be required to get the home in order. Gina comes to the arena with a complete source of qualified specialists. That is important if the seller is coming from some place outside of the general sales locale. She has a real good sense for anticipating the next challenge through the sales process. Once the work was completed on the home, it went on the market for sale. It was not an easy exercise. Unfortunately, it was a horrible time to sell a home and it took every imaginative and creative element available to sell the home. Sure, one can lower the price in order to do so. However, can you imagine how unsettling that is to the seller? Gina offered a number of alternative solutions to sell the home short of lowering the price. During the whole sales process, we felt we Were in charge. Gina was not forceful but was there to make suggestions, lend support and advise us in the best possible manner. We can’t remember one time where we had difficulty communicating with Gina. Gina was always there to keep us updated, and constantly inquired as to how we were feeling and how we saw situations progressing in the sales of the home. We can’t underscore the importance of communication enough between agent and client. Gina was excellent in this area. There were a few complexities to the sale of my mother’s home but Gina saw to it that they were taken care of in a satisfactory and timely fashion. At no time did we feel uneasy or uncomfortable with Gina’s knowledge of real estate law. At every step of the way, we felt very confident with Gina’s knowledge and recommended course of action as, from time to time and in one degree or another, it touched on real estate law. You cannot imagine how important this is to the prospective buyer or seller. Without question, we would use Gina’s services again. Although Gina represented us in a selling capacity, we would not hesitate to use her in a buying capacity, as well. In considering Gina as your agent, think about trust, dedication and professionalism. We know that she will serve you well.

    John P. Lambright & Gertrud E. Markgren
  • A prime avocation within our family has been buying and selling real estate since the 1960’s, and one primary pitfall associated with that goal bas been finding a competent realior who could comprehend our vision for property selection and intent of investment with a defined exit strategy. Within that 50+ year timeframe the properties acquired grew in size from modesi asking prices to high end rental investment properties of sprawling proportions. On numerous occasions we’d experience conflict with the realtor of record working on our behalf to finalize the transaction, and this would cause frustration with conflict beyond comprehension. These many issues were shared with a person whom we had great respect, and knew answers would be forthcoming for total resolution of all issues, ad infinitum. Our family attorney, a cornerstone of all family business activities, shared bow be could recommend only one person in these difficult financial times to sell a unique property when no other realtor could effectively find motivated buyers willing to invest. He advised the realtor in question had effectively sold numerous properties from his portfolio in distressed market conditions for the prevailing price, and often with prices higher than anticipated. We couldn’t imagine how a person of this stature existed in the world of real estate, but when he revealed the name, knew the counsel rendered would resolve the problem of selling a high-end residential home in the heights of Alta Lorna. His emphatic pronouncement was clear, “Gina Moga!” When my family met Gina, she was more than legal counsel had advised. Her thorough knowledge of real estate was vast, and within minutes was able to assess how we needed to market the listing for effective exposure to the community for the defined period. Combined with a depth of market perception and timing of a tactical approach to sell the property, her delightful personality and wit. placed us at ease knowing we did not have to shoulder the stress involved with frenzied negotiations. She was in fact everything our attorney had advised, and more. In 2008, as the listed primary property was about to expire, we reviewed numerous prospective offers that had continually bombarded us, but always $150,000-$250,000 below market price. Gina’s depth of market knowledge advised being patient, and she never waxed negative with the vision of selling for Jess than an effective fair market value. Her words rang true to form, because within 30 days the promise became reality. Early one Saturday morning she called to inform of a high figure offer in her possession, $250,00 more than previous offers, and wanted to know if this was acceptable. Needless to say, our goal had been achieved, and one might think this was the end of the real estate trail to success, but it was only the beginning. Within the timeframe of 12 months and our association with Gina, we gained a friend, confidant, ally in a mutual cause, and a trusted professional who grasped our vision while working effectively in!hat direction toward resolution on all issues. Coupled with her professional expertise we were able to observe a person of stellar character with unquestionable morals, values, and standards not often found in today’s society. Her sense of family, church, and community reflected the foundation blocks exhibited on a daily basis and mutually the person we came to know and respect. To associate with a person of this stature is rare, but once you’ve worked with her the knowledge of that experience is comparable to finding a rare jewel and appreciating every moment of that association. Finally, our real estate strategies were enhanced exponentially by Gina, especially her vision and maxim of life, “Do what is right, and let the consequence follow.” Therefore, it is without reservation that we recommend and trust her with any unresolved real estate transaction into the year 2009 and beyond as a trusted mentor.

    Dan W. Peters
  • I am writing this letter of appreciation for Gina Moga as a reference, to express my sincere gratitude for her superior performance as a Real estate agent in the dealing with the sale my fathers house after his passing last September 2009. I have worked with 2 other agents in my past and she sets the bar for others to follow. By no coincidence, I crossed paths with her and my needs were met in a timely and efficient manner. She is a very competent, resourceful and caring professional. The market was down and the house was in need of many repairs prior to being placed on the market. Her experience, pride and dedication, resulted in the house selling for higher than the asking price. This was all done in a very short period of time, less than 1 month and under the budget allowed for repairs. I believe she is very sincere, easy to work with and kept me informed throughout the entire process. She is nothing short of “Real Perfection” and has the ability to get the desired results. I rarely recommend anyone and she is beyond wo1ihy of consideration. I speak from direct experience and do not want anyone else to settle for less than the best. I couldn’t be happier or ask for more. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. 925-595-4952 or steveflickinger@sbcglobal.net

    Steven C. Flickinger

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Gina Moga

Gina Moga

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